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Embroidered Net Fabric: Chic Fabric For Your Clothes

What Is The Embroidered Net Fabric?

As the name suggests, Embroidered Net Fabric is embroidered on a piece of net. Through machine embroidery or 3D technology, laser cutting, and other technologies, the beauty of embroidery and the style of the net is displayed.

The embroidered net fabric has a unique texture and structure that can not be found in ordinary fabrics. It is also very suitable for clothing with a variety of styles to dress up. The most common use is to make dresses and skirts with high-grade materials such as silk, wool, etc., which not only enhances the overall quality but also gives you an elegant look.

Moreover, this fabric has a lot of different colors to choose from so that you can match it with different clothes and styles. This type of fabric is also suitable for making curtains or bedding as well as other home decorating items.

Features Of The Embroidered Net Fabric:

Having a beautiful and elegant dress is something that every woman dreams of. You can make your dream come true by using this amazing fabric. It will help you to create an elegant and chic garment for your wardrobe. You can wear it on any occasion or event in your life and it will help to make you look gorgeous and elegant. The following are the features of the Embroidered Net Fabric:

It Is Fashionable And Beautiful:

The embroidered net fabric has a unique design, which makes it very attractive. You can use this fabric to make any type of clothing, including dresses, skirts, or tops. The different patterns on the fabric will make your outfit look more stylish and elegant. You can choose between different colors when buying this material as well.

It Looks Like a Fine Work Of Art:

Because it's usually not made of that very light material, it takes on the ultimate texture. For example, Ivory/Golden Embroidered Net Fabric from VIVATEXTILE, its weight is 220GSM. This allows it to give designers more choices in the design process.

It Makes People Look Slimmer:

The net fabric makes people look slimmer because it draws attention to the face and away from the body shape. In addition, this fabric is very comfortable to wear because it does not cling to the body too much when you move around. Therefore, it can be worn for both formal occasions and casual ones.

The Embroidered Net Fabric Is Perfect For Any Season:

The Embroidered Net Fabric is the perfect fabric for your clothes, especially if you are a fan of summer. The light material is breathable and allows air to pass through it. It will not make you feel hot while wearing it. In addition, the net fabric is made of polyester which makes it very durable and long-lasting. This is why people prefer to use it for their clothes as well as other items like curtains and bedding.

The embroidered net fabric comes in various designs, sizes, and colors that you can choose from. You can choose from different designs like floral, geometric, or abstract designs depending on your taste. You can also choose from different colors including white, black, and even red depending on what suits your style best.

Some people think that it is only suitable for spring and summer. But in reality, that's not the case. It's a great fabric for any season, as long as your imagination isn't limited.

You can create both formal and casual outfits using this fabric. It will look amazing with any outfit style too. So if you're looking for something that will make your outfits stand out from the crowd, then embroidered net fabrics are definitely what you need.

What Is The Embroidered Net Fabric Suitable For?

The embroidered net fabric is one of the most versatile fabrics in the world. It is made from cotton or polyester, and it has a fine mesh pattern that makes it extremely light and airy. The fabric is delicate, elegant, and beautiful. It is perfect for making skirts, gowns, jackets, and curtains. Here are some ideas on how you can use this fabric in your clothes:

Stylish Skirts:

The embroidered net fabric is perfect for making skirts that are stylish yet elegant. You can choose from different colors and patterns to create an outfit that complements your body type perfectly.

Chic Gowns:

If you're looking for an elegant evening gown made from embroidered net fabric, then consider using either black or white lace as your base color. This will allow you to add some color through your choice of embellishments such as sequins or beads without having to worry about clashing colors.

Jacket Inserts/Panels:

The embroidered net fabric is perfect for making jacket inserts or panels because of its lightweight nature, which makes it comfortable to wear during summer months or even winter seasons when layered with sweaters or coats over them.


The embroidered net fabric is a great choice for making curtains. You can choose from different patterns and designs to create beautiful curtains for your home. Curtains are also a great way to add color and beauty to your room without spending too much money on other decorative elements.

Get High-Quality Embroidered Net Fabric From VIVATEXTILE:

VIVATEXTILE has a lot of experience in the production of Embroidered Net Fabric. It uses the best materials to make better fabrics for people to meet people's higher needs. Next, I will introduce some good fabrics that are popular on VIVATEXTILE:

Ivory/Golden Embroidered Mesh Fabric:

The fabric has a luxurious look, and a closer look reveals many delicate patterns: embroidered stripes, arrows, and flowers. These patterns and embellishments run through the entire ivory polyester mesh. Make it look opaque. The fabric is slightly thicker to the touch and is suitable for making beautiful and stylish skirts, shirts, and more.

Blue Floral Cord Embroidery on Nylon Mesh:

The fabric has a dreamy blue color. Blue flowers and leaves are swaying on the net, making people seem to see spring. It outlines the flowers and leaves with a striking white rope embroidery yarn, and a vivid 3D texture emerges. If you use this fabric to make a skirt, it will make people shine.