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The Dreamy Embroidered Fabric For Wedding Dress

What Are Common Styles Of Wedding Dresses?

Wedding dresses are the most important part of any wedding. They are the center of attraction and they show the bride’s personality. Wedding dresses are usually made up of wedding-specific fabrics like satin, silk, or tulle, but today we have seen a lot of brides opting for embroidered fabric for their wedding dresses.

Wedding dresses can be categorized according to different styles which include:

  • Mermaid Wedding Dresses: This type of dress is perfect for women with long legs as it adds length to their bodies. The mermaid style is also very popular among celebrities and is often seen on red carpets.
  • Ball Gown Wedding Dresses: Ball gown wedding dresses have a fitted bodice with a full skirt that flares out from below the waistline. They are perfect for tall women who want to wear an elegant gown without revealing too much skin at the same time.
  • Mermaid Tails Wedding Dresses: Mermaid tail wedding dresses are similar to mermaid-style dresses but have an added element of drama by adding more layers.

As we can see, the wedding dresses above all have the same characteristics: gorgeous, delicate, and beautiful. They bring out the female body perfectly.

However, like the above wedding dresses, the material requirements of the fabric are very high. Because both brides and bridesmaids need to stand in their wedding dresses for a long time. Therefore, the fabric used in the wedding dress should preferably be light and breathable. Of course, they also have to be pretty.

People Like To Add Embroidered Fabric To Their Wedding Dresses:

In today's world, wedding dresses are available in an array of styles, designs, and colors. From the classic white gown to the more modern black dress, there's something for every bride. However, one of the most popular options for wedding dresses is embroidered fabric. Embroidered fabric is often used to create a unique look and feel on a wedding dress that can't be matched by other fabrics or styles.

Embroidered fabric is a type of fabric that has embroidery on it. It is made by using an embroidery machine, which is a special kind of sewing machine that is used to make designs on fabrics. People can use these machines to make their own designs or they can buy ready-made designs from the market.

There are many reasons why people like to add embroidered fabric to their wedding dresses. Here are some of them:

A Unique Look And Feel:

Embroidery adds a unique look and feels to your wedding dress that you can't get from other fabrics or styles. It also makes it easier for you to personalize your gown because you can choose a design that reflects your personality and style preferences.

An Alternative To Lace:

Many brides don't want lace on their wedding dress because they think it's too traditional or old-fashioned looking. If you're one of those brides who want something different then embroidery may be an option worth considering. But of course, you can also opt for lace embroidery, which will make your outfit more refined.

The Color White Is Perfect For A Wedding:

A wedding is one of the most special days in a person's life. It is a day to celebrate love, commitment, and togetherness. It is also a day to look your best. There are many different styles of wedding dresses available today, but the one that stands out from the rest is the traditional white dress. The reason for this is that it has always been associated with purity and innocence. If you want to wear something that will make you feel beautiful on your special day, then a white wedding gown will do just that!

White is the color of purity and innocence, but it is also the color of bridal gowns. The color white is synonymous with marriage, and this is why it has been used as one of the most popular choices for wedding gowns. There are many reasons why white is perfect for a wedding dress, and here are some of them:

It's An Age-Old Tradition:

The color white has always been associated with weddings, so you can't go wrong if you choose to wear it on your big day. It's an age-old tradition that dates back to ancient times and still continues today.

It Makes You Look Radiant:

The white color brightens up your face and makes it glow. If you want to look radiant on your wedding day, then this is a great choice for you.

It Looks Good On Every Skin Tone:

White looks good on every skin tone. You don't need to worry about looking pale or washed out in white because it will always compliment your skin tone no matter what kind of complexion you have.

What Embroidered Fabrics Are Suitable For Adding To Wedding Dresses?

White is often considered the color of light. Although it is not light, white in sunlight does shine with the color of light. At VIVATEXTILE, you can find a lot of Embroidered Fabrics in fantastic colors, such as ivory. These fabrics are very suitable for use in wedding dresses. Whether it is the bride's wedding dress or the bridesmaids, relatives' and friends' clothes can use this fabric. Next, here are a few wedding fabrics that are popular on VIVATEXTILE:

3D Floral Embroidered Mesh: Blooming Flowers

If life is likened to flowers, then a wedding may be the time to bloom. Therefore, choosing flower embroidery is a very popular wedding fabric. On this fabric, you can see flowers blooming. The flowers are presented by machine embroidery with 3D technology, which is more three-dimensional and vivid. There are also some green leaves embellished next to the flowers. The flower embroidery is cotton and the guipure design makes these blooming flowers more focused.

3D White Floral Embroidery Fabric: Luminescent Flowers

Unlike the previously mentioned fabric, this one uses glowing yarn to create blooming flowers. The patterns and textures of this fabric are all machine-embroidered with 3D technology. So it has dynamic textures and details that are worth a closer look. If it is applied to a wedding dress, it will make the bride the center of attention. At the same time, it is thin and lightweight with a removable drape, which is perfect for an A-line wedding dress or a mermaid wedding dress.

White Floral Laser-cut Embroidered Fabric: Weaving Designs With Flowing Flower

The fabric looks gorgeous and refined. It is embroidered using state-of-the-art laser cutting technology. The fabric under the intelligent and precise machine is not short of agile beauty. On this fabric, you can see the flowers floating like a stream. At the same time, it is also a lightweight fabric with a good drape, suitable for wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses.

Ivory White Geometric Polyester Trim: Fan-Shaped Delicate Flowers

The fabric is a scalloped floral lace made of ivory-white geometric figures. It is lightweight and suitable for the embellishment of any wedding dress, skirt hem, shoulder straps, and other details on the dress. In addition, you can also apply it to the decoration of the wedding venue, such as tablecloths and so on. It will definitely make the wedding more sophisticated and luxurious.

On VIVATEXTILE, you can get these ivory fabrics. Meanwhile, they also offer OEM service if you want other colors. You can design the fabric you want according to your own preferences.