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Digital Print Embroidery Fabric

This is an embroidery fabric to do digital print after embroidery. The advantages of digital printing are bright colors, various designs and no MOQ for bulk production. After digital printing on the embroidery fabric, they complement each other perfectly on the finished product which appears a multiplicate structure and an unexpected surprise.

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SS190821-EMB22 Rosy Digital Print and Leaves Embroidery on Nylon Mesh

ltem No.: SS190821-EMB22

You can never imagine how a romantic visual impact will be produced by the combination of embroidered leaves and printed roses. Here we presents a novelty rosy digital print and leaves embroidery on nylon mesh. Beautifully leaves embroidery with brightly colored roses intricately woven atop a solid sheer mesh. Soft and textural, it is comprised of a great blend of polyester and nylon and drapes beautifully. This beautiful mesh has a good one-way stretch allowing for comfort and ease. Use this novelty mesh to create gorgeous dresses.

  • Content: 100%nylon mesh with 100%polyester emb yarn
  • Weight: 80GSM
  • Width: 125CM
  • Technics: Digital print

SS181026-EMB10 Floral Digital Print on Cotton Rectangle Eyelet

ltem No.: SS181026-EMB10

Soft and lightweight, after lovely small flowers digital printed on this simple and fancy embroidered cotton eyelet, it unleashes a multiplicate structure and an unexpected surprise. The digital print flowers are bight and blooming and the eyelet is delicate, this well-balanced pattern creates an undeniably soothing texture perfect for kids dress, fashion garments, lightweight home décor and countless more.

  • Content: 100%cotton
  • Weight: 75GSM
  • Width: 125CM
  • Technics: Digital print

SS130703-PRINT16-C Chemical Guipure Lace Fabric Leaf

ltem No.: SS130703-PRINT16-C

It looks gorgeous with milk yarn water-soluble embroidery and digital printing. Cream color leaves indicate warmth of the afternoon sunshine. The gray digital print looks exactly like shadows on the leaves. The embroidery is a fine workmanship, beautiful and in delicacy, which could provide feelings of high-profile brands. A good drape and medium weight enable it a great choice for making dresses, long skirts and tops.
Care Instruction: Machine wash warm or cold, tumble-dry low. If ironing is needed, iron on a low temperature.

  • Content: 100%polyester
  • Weight: 250GSM
  • Width: 120CM
  • Technics: Digital print

SS130701-PTINT10 Cotton Wave Eyelet on Polyester Chiffon

ltem No.: SS130701-PTINT10

Specifically seeking out unique pieces? This Cotton Wave Eyelet on Polyester Chiffon With Digital Print is for you! The wave eyelet flowing on the digital printed polyester chiffon make a textural statement—tactile, dynamic and romantic. Perfect for Stunning dresses, flowing skirts and blouses that hang just right are begging to be made from its wave eyelet and endlessly fluid drape. Thin and lightweight, it is slightly translucent and may require a lining in some applications.

  • Content: 100%polyester chiffon, 100%coton emb yarn
  • Weight: 100GSM
  • Width: 125CM
  • Technics: Digital print
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What is chemical embroidery fabric?

Chemical embroidery fabric is a new type of material that combines the advantages of both traditional and modern embroidery technique. Takes water-soluble nonwovens as the ground fabric embroidered by the computer embroidery machine. The ground fabric is melted by hot water afterwards, with three-dimensional lace left behind. It looks very compact and elegant with soft touch, full fabric drape and gloss. The chemical embroidery fabric presents an exquisite full hollow-carved flower patterns appealing to every lady. It is a combination of two different processes:

  • Embroidery
  • Soluble finishing and setting

It takes nonwoven fabrics as the base material and embroiders beautiful designs on it by computerized embroidery machine. And then the embroidered non-woven fabrics can be turned into elegant embroidered fabric after soluble finishing and setting treatment. It is trendy among fashion designers and textile manufacturers because if it’s unique artistic appearance and high quality. These fabric are widely used in medium and top-grade fashionable women's wear, Wedding dress, Evening dress, Fashion dress, even Home textile.


Dull poilester chemical embroidery fabric

Also known as:

It's also known as “Guipure Lace Fabric” or “Crochet Lace Fabric”

The benefits of chemical embroidery fabric:

There are many benefits of using chemical embroidery fabric, but some significant advantages are as follows in the given below:

  • Romantic and High-Graded

With beautiful embroidery design and textural lace features, chemical embroidery is very romantic and high-graded to create elegant evening wear, occasional wears or everyday dresses.  As the nature of chemical embroidery, its peek-a-boo effects adds more of the elegance and romance.

  • Good Fabric Drape:

Chemical embroidery fabric is tightly woven so that it has very good fabric drape, which makes it ideal fabric for dresses, tops and skirts. It is soft to touch, beautiful to look at, and easy to sew.

  • Enhance your personality:

It is also a great way to personalize your wardrobe and a more efficient way to add style and class to your clothes. It is trendy among ladies because of its beautiful appearance. This type of fabric is not only used as fashion garment, but also as home decoration materials.

  • Soft feel and comfortable:

Chemical embroidery provides a three-dimensional look, a delicate touch, superb fabric drape, and a high gloss. It is very soft and comfortable to wear. Chemical embroidery causes a peek-a-boo effect, thus a lining is necessary if additional structure or modesty are desired.

  • Washable:

Because the material is washable, embroidered objects can be hand washed or professional dye cleaning. With its unique properties, this material can be used to produce high-quality garments for fashion lovers.

  • Good shrinkage and High Colorfastness

In addition to being comfortable, chemical embroidery fabric also offers excellent performance characteristics such as high colorfastness even good moisture adsorption.

Chemical Embroidery is more reliable:

  • This Embroidery Fabric can  be made up of many kinds of yarns, such as 100%polyester yarn , 100%cotton yarn and metallic yarns
  • Chemical embroidery is tight woven so that it is durable with a full drape and a high-quality finish.
  • The chemical embroidery products can be fabrics, appliques, collars and trims, it is flexible to do embroidery based on our specific requirements.
  • shiny polyester chemical embroidery fabricshiny polyester chemical embroidery fabric
  • cotton-chemical-embroidery-fabriccotton-chemical-embroidery-fabric

Chemical embroidery is more vibrant:

This embroidery fabric provides an exciting alternative to traditional textiles. They are made using advanced techniques that give them incredible vibrancy. It has latest fashionable designs and exquisite designs to be used by fashion garments. This nature allows a great variety of designs and textures and if perfect for adding unique details to clothing and accessories. With its ability to create beautiful patterns on fabric, chemical embroidery has quickly gained popularity among consumers. It allows them to be used in ways that were never possible before.

Chemical embroidery is more cost-effective:

Compared with hand embroidery, customized chemical embroidery is relatively inexpensive and people-friendly. With the chemical embroidery technique, you can quickly turn ordinary fabric into something extraordinary. Chemical embroidery is one of the most affordable ways to add embroidered designs to clothing and other items. In other words, it is a cost-effective way to customize your garments.

How to care for chemical embroidery fabric?

  • When wearing clothing made by chemical embroidery fabric,it would be good that you avoid the vinegar or ammonia getting on clothes and ruining the fabric permanently.
  • You should avoid rubbing the fabric against the place where the surface is rough.
  • You can hand wash this material, but professional dry clean is recommended.
  • Wash chemical embroidery fabric gently by hand in the water with the temperature under 40℃and do not bleach them.
  • Use mild detergent and rinse thoroughly. Squeeze out excess water.
  • Dry flat using a low heat setting and always iron dry.
  • Store away from sunlight and heat.


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