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Blooming Business: Embroidered Fabric Floral Wholesale Guide

Embroidered floral fabrics have stood the test of time, weaving tales of timeless beauty and sophistication. From fashion runways to home interiors, and from event planning to the hands of crafters, these fabrics have carved a niche for themselves. This blog will delve into the versatile world of embroidered floral fabrics, exploring their trends and applications across various industries.

Section 1: Trendy Designs for Fashionistas

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, embroidered floral fabrics continue to captivate the hearts of trendsetters. The latest designs showcase a fusion of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary aesthetics. 

From delicate blossoms to bold botanicals, these fabrics offer a canvas for designers to create stunning pieces that transcend seasons. Boutique owners keen on staying ahead in the fashion game recognize the importance of incorporating these fabrics into their collections, ensuring their clientele stays on the cutting edge of style.

Section 2: Home Decor Elegance

The influence of embroidered floral fabrics extends beyond the runway, making a grand entrance into our living spaces. These fabrics are a key player in enhancing the aesthetic of homes, adding a touch of elegance to curtains, upholstery, and throw pillows. 

Interior designers, in particular, are increasingly turning to embroidered floral fabrics to infuse character and charm into their projects. Home decor boutiques are quick to respond to the growing demand for these fabrics, recognizing the allure they bring to a variety of interior styles.

Section 3: Event Planners' Paradise

For event planners seeking to create unforgettable experiences, embroidered floral fabrics offer a paradise of possibilities. Tablecloths adorned with intricate floral patterns, drapes that cascade with grace, and decor that speaks volumes – these fabrics bring an unparalleled sophistication to events. 

Event planners are drawn to the versatility of embroidered floral fabrics, which seamlessly fit into various themes and elevate the ambiance of any occasion. The search for unique and elegant solutions ends with these exquisite textiles.

Section 4: Crafters and DIY Enthusiasts

In the hands of crafters and DIY enthusiasts, embroidered floral fabrics transform into a realm of endless creativity. Quilting projects, pillow covers with personalized flair, and handmade gifts that carry the warmth of craftsmanship – these fabrics are a dream come true for those with a penchant for hands-on creation. 

Small businesses specializing in handmade goods find a thriving market, as consumers increasingly appreciate the uniqueness and individuality that embroidered floral fabrics bring to their crafted treasures.

Section 5: Quality and Sustainability

The allure of embroidered fabric florals is not solely in their visual appeal but also in the quality that underlines every stitch. VIVATEXTILE, as a leading manufacturer, understands the importance of delivering fabrics that not only look exquisite but also withstand the test of time. 

The durability of their materials ensures that garments, home decor, and event pieces crafted from embroidered floral fabrics maintain their beauty even after multiple uses. Moreover, in an era where sustainability is paramount, VIVATEXTILE prides itself on utilizing eco-friendly materials and processes, meeting the growing demand for ethically sourced fabrics.

Section 6: Wholesale Benefits

Businesses looking to incorporate embroidered floral fabrics into their product lines find a treasure trove of advantages in wholesale purchasing. Buying in bulk from VIVATEXTILE not only translates to significant cost savings but also offers the opportunity for customization. Wholesalers can work closely with the manufacturer to create exclusive designs that align with their brand identity. The bulk ordering process is streamlined, making it convenient for businesses to stock up on these exquisite fabrics, ensuring a steady supply for their customers.

Beyond cost-effectiveness and customization, wholesale buying from VIVATEXTILE opens the door to a vast array of designs. The manufacturer constantly introduces new patterns and styles, keeping wholesalers on-trend and ahead of the competition. This dynamic approach to wholesale benefits ensures that businesses not only save on costs but also have access to a diverse and ever-expanding selection of embroidered floral fabrics.

Section 7: Customer Testimonials

The true testament to the quality and wholesale advantages of embroidered floral fabrics lies in the success stories of businesses that have embraced them. Satisfied wholesale buyers share their experiences, emphasizing the impact these fabrics have had on their ventures. Quotes and testimonials sing praises for the durability, design variety, and customization options offered by VIVATEXTILE. These voices from the industry underscore the significance of choosing a reliable manufacturer for embroidered floral fabrics, elevating businesses to new heights.

Success stories abound as businesses flourish with the incorporation of embroidered floral fabrics into their offerings. From boutique owners to interior decorators, event planners to crafters – each finds a unique way to weave the beauty of these fabrics into their creations. VIVATEXTILE stands as a silent partner in these success stories, providing the foundation for businesses to thrive with quality, sustainability, and wholesale advantages.

Section 8: VIVATEXTILE: The Embroidered Fabric Floral Manufacturer

At the heart of this flourishing industry stands VIVATEXTILE, a leading manufacturer specializing in embroidered fabric floral. With a commitment to quality and an eye for design, VIVATEXTILE has become the go-to source for those seeking the finest embroidered floral fabrics. 

Their dedication to craftsmanship and staying at the forefront of industry trends has made them an indispensable partner for fashion designers, interior decorators, event planners, and crafters alike.

Section 9: Classic Circle Design Embroidered Fabric Floral for Sale

Unveiling the SS110107-EMB09, this classic circle design embroidered fabric floral is a testament to VIVATEXTILE's commitment to craftsmanship and quality. Crafted from 100% polyester, it boasts a soft hand-feel that adds a touch of luxury to any garment it graces. The fine workmanship intricately weaves a delicate and elegant pattern, making it a perfect embellishment for women's dresses. Whether hand washable or machine washable, this fabric proves to be not just gorgeous but also practical, ensuring longevity and ease of care.

Quick Info:

1. Content: 100% polyester

2. Weight: 180GSM

3. Width: 109CM

4. Technics: Chemical Embroidery

5. Sample MOQ: 20yds

6. Sample Leadtime: 5-7days

7. Bulk MOQ: 300yds/color/order

8. Bulk Leadtime: 20-30days after order confirmed

Free Quote:

For those captivated by the allure of SS110107-EMB09, VIVATEXTILE offers a free quote, inviting fashion designers, boutique owners, and creators to explore the possibilities this classic circle design brings to their collections.


Embroidered floral fabrics continue to weave a narrative of elegance and versatility across industries. From fashion-forward boutiques to cozy living rooms, from grand events to the hands of DIY enthusiasts – the appeal of these fabrics is truly universal. As trends evolve and creativity knows no bounds, embroidered floral fabrics stand as a testament to the enduring charm of nature-inspired artistry. As you embark on your journey into the world of embroidered floral fabrics, let VIVATEXTILE be your trusted companion in bringing timeless beauty to your creations.